MCPI Fine dosing® Micro feeders:  "the reference in terms of accuracy and dosing time".

Features / Benefits

Operation mode:  SPA Fine dosing Micro feeders are designed for feeding in" batch mode" (micro filling applications).

Feeding can be carried out directly in the packing or in a weighed swivelling bowl.

Filling of a sachet which is laid manually on the feeder's scales: After automatic taring, the filling is performed up to the set point.

Feeding in a weighed swivelling bowl after automatic taring. At the end of feeding, the rotation of the bowl is commanded with a remote control. This principle (with  "hidden time") allows integration of the feeder on automatic lines (ie:filling of bottles transferred by a conveyor). 

Discover some examples of application in the table here under

Measuring grade of the scales     A       2A    3A     4 A
Direct feeding in the packing
• Feeding in a weighed swiveling bowl
• Integration on automatic lines

Materials: From  very fine powders (lactose, Mg stearate...) to granules, SPA micro feeders  accept many ingredient types thanks to an efficient and well controlled extraction.

Performance: Characterized by both dosing time and accuracy. Dosing time and accuracy move in opposite directions. For feeders equipped with weighed swivelling tanks, powder discharge and scales stabilisation take about 2 seconds.

  • Precision depends on several factors: scales accuracy, material particle size, material density and feeding rate (given by feeder's output section and operating speed of the motor).
  • The couple dosing time / accuracy is optimized on our feeder with our 3-speed extraction controller.

Cleaning - Hygiene: All MCPI feeders are designed to facilitate and reduce time necessary for cleaning operations. Parts in contact with material can be easily dismounted and decontaminated by heat sterilisation.


  • No friction on the material = no damage or contamination of it, and no mechanical wear.
  • Almost no segregation size: Extraction movement with fro and fast return (in a horizontal plane) does not generate vertical vibration in the storage hopper. These vertical vibrations are behind segregation, with small particles concentrated in the bottom of the hopper
  • A reverse extraction allows a fast and full emptying of the feeder, at the opposite side of feeding flow.
  • Evacuation of  "Out of tolerance" doses.
  • Almost zero maintenance: no wear parts associated with an extremely tough mechanical design.

Range of operation

Some results

Pyrotechnic powder particle size 100µm : Results of 15 hours production  -  feeding: 1g - Standard deviation: 0.009 g


Indium balls Ø 1.5 mm -  feeding: 6 g  - Feeding standard deviation: 0.028 g



Magnesium stearate powder -  Feeding: 7.0 g   standard deviation : 0.03 g


Graphite powder 90 µm  -  feeding: 78.8 g  - Feeding standard deviation: 0.09 g


Ceramic powder (Al2O3) -  feeding: 3.23 g  - Feeding standard deviation: 0.011 g

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