Feeding directly into the packing yes

 A  and 2A class yes
Hygienic yes / no
Top table machines yes


Accurate filling of fine powders into sachets and cartridges. Medical application - Dosing accuracy 50 g ± 0.1 g.

Filling of vials with toxic material. The system is designed to fill automatically 4 vials. The vials are laid on the balance is mounted on  a linear motion drive. Set point: 10 gram +/- 0.05 g.
Filling of syringes - Medical application -  10 g ± 0.1 g. Filling of pots - Dental products

  Filling of pots with dye-stuff for food industry  
Filling of bags -  0.2 kg à 10 kg ± 2 g - refilling of the feeder's hopper with pneumatic conveying system.

The packing to be filled is placed by the operator on the scale of the micro dispenser. Interchangeable toolings are designed to adapt the feeder to many types of packagings.


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