The MCPI Fine dosing® SPA micro feeders are designed for the precise dosing of powders and granules by weight. Linked to precise scales that control 3 flow rates, the micro-feeder can achieve accuracies to within +/- 1 mg, and short dosing times. 

A large range of products : 

4 levels of precision  -  2 different designs - 2 types of realisation.

4  levels of precision for the scales:

     Class     Weighing resolution of the scales Min. quantity (estimation) Max quantity (estimation)

For batch feeding of dry materials

A    100 mg   > 10 g  ~ 20 kg
2A        10 mg    > 250 mg ~ 500 g
3A           1 mg   > 100 mg ~ 100 g
4A         0.1 mg    > 20 mg ~ 10 g


2 possible configurations for the micro-feeders:

To offer the possibility of integrating these micro-feeders on automated lines, or to obtain simpler systems.

Dosing in a weighed rotating bowl : feeding is performed in "hidden time", during manipulation of the packing. Direct dosing in the packing laid on the balance.

2 types of realisation: "Hygienic" or "industrial"

Problematics in terms of cleanliness and hygiene are not similar to all industries. We propose for industrial process applications, a more economical and less sophisticated design, but still easy to clean.

"Hygienic" design according the definition of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group):


  • Simple design rules
  • Easy access to all machine surfaces for cleaning, disinfection and inspection
  • Eliminating hidden areas where deposits and biofilm can accumulate
  • All surfaces in contact with the material are "FDA" conform .

"Industrial" design

  •      Identical levels of performance to hygienic dispensers.
  •      Ease of cleaning
  •      Surfaces are not always polished, depend on  process requirements.
  •      Supports in painted steel
  •      Economical solutions, with a good value for money


 Case studies

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Measuring grade of the scales


100 mg 


10 mg 


1-2 mg   

4 A

0.1 mg

   • Direct feeding in the packing
   • Feeding in a weighed swiveling bowl
   • Integration on automatic lines

Download "Highest accuracy for the smallest dosage"

More applications/ data sheets:

Discover the micro feeders of high accuracy

4A Class: resolution of the load cell:  0.1 mg

Download "Micro feeders of high accuracy"


Technical advantages

You will appreciate:

  • The Accuracy and stability
  • The short dosing time,
  • The compactness,
  • The reliability,
  • The flexibility,
  • The safe design for the operators
  • and construction based on hygienic standards...
  • The intuitive and user friendly operation of the weighing controllers,

MCPI Fine dosing® micro feeders are probably the first on the market to reach such levels of excellence, the main reasons are:

  • A feeding system with high dynamic of operation
  • A high ratio between coarse and fine feedings. This is essential to perform both fast dosing processing and high precision.
  • A reduced and stable overshoot.


MCPI Fine dosing® exclusivities:

MCPI weighing controllers for an easier operation and a better processing control

MCPI Fine dosing®:  an exclusive and patented technology, for the highest level of performance .

References and experiences in difficult applications

More about : Accurate 4A class micro feeders   

Avalaible with hygienic design and ATEX IID

 MCPI Fine dosing® SPA technology was rewarded at

POWTECH Nurneberg Germany, 2009

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